crew roter hahn


“We grow together and with each other. We are lucky to be able to work with an excellent team, we are all driven by the unconditional desire to bring out the maximum in culinary art from us and to prepare our guests a wonderful evening, which they will remember for a very long time with a satisfied smile.

Discipline, ambition, passion, creativity – it is always exciting for me to see how we live the same philosophy. How my “ideas” fall on fertile ground and are implemented in a congenial way. For me, it’s clear that the Michelin star is something we “earned” as a team.

We do not believe that a kitchen has to have a rude tone due to tension, hectic, lack of time, etc. On the contrary, we have a lot of fun despite all the seriousness. “Like a second family”: I think we’re pretty close here.

What is very important to me is that our employees, and of course my wife and I, need time and breaks to recharge our batteries. That’s why our restaurant is closed on two days, a free weekend simply has to be. That may be unusual, but it’s the prerequisite for an honest, relaxed atmosphere that our guests appreciate.” 

Maximilian Schmidt

We don’t say “no” to recruitment, which is why we are always happy to receive applications from the catering and hotel industry. Are you the right cover on our pot?

What you have to do where and how is certainly important. But what is decisive is the cooperation, i.e.: for whom, with whom do I work? Here you can find out how the hosts at “Haus Roter Hahn” “tick”: